Snake's Alter Egos

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Whenever I have time for it I like to develop costumes and makeup, especially for characters other people would consider as monsters :-) With the help of many friends I developed several alter egos during the past years. See below.
My "everyday" and mostly worn Alter Ego.
The Klingon SI'neyq Zantai chopwI' (here together with two of my former collegues at one of several premieres of Startrek X - Nemesis)

June 2003
Mostly seen with other members of Khemorex Klinzhai, the biggest European Klingon fan club.

Actually also a klingon picture (very old), but wearing that coat makes it look a bit different, more Star Wars like.
(picture was taken at Qetlop in Eislingen).

My favorite alien character, the Nausicaan (appearing in Startrek TNG, DS9 and Enterprise).
Picture taken by Karl Hadler who has loads of Convention pictures.
Halloween 2015 at qepHom 2015 - The latest version of the Uruk-Hai:
Uruk-Hai 2015
Halloween 2009 - Some reptilian fantasy mask I got from my UK Klingon friend Stu
Halloween 2009 alien
Halloween 2005 - My girlfriend (now wife) and me as musicians from Slipknot:
Slipknot singer CoreySlipknot guitarist Mick
at RingCon
And the better version at RingCon 2005:
Uruk-Hai 2005
or Halloween 2007:
Halloween 2007
Halloween 2003
Marilyn Manson
A lazy solution for Halloween 2002 party: Rob Zombie lookalike.
Rob Zombie
It also works with a Klingon forehead (that was one day later at Galileo7 VI).

Another Startrek alien, a Jem Hadar.
I was wearing this one at FedCon VIII and some LARPs.
Jem Hadar

Since I was a child, I loved the band KISS and especially the demon bassman Gene Simmons, so it was just a logical consequence that I will impersonate him one day. It finally happened at a big seventies party with more than 1500 guests. My brother (playing the drummer Peter Criss) had the idea and was organising that party. Together with two of his friends playing the 2 guitarmen we went on stage and played 2 songs and the people went crazy. Of course I was spitting blood on stage, unfortunately I was not allowed to also spit fire because of fire security reasons.
Gene Simmons
The most funny part of that was the fact that one of the guitarplayers and I usually wear a beard and we both had to shave us completely for that day and did not recognize each other in the first place.


On May 11th 2008, KISS came to Munich and there had to happen an after-show-party where I was asked to do the Gene again. So I did and this time I was also allowed to spit fire and not only blood like in 1998.
10 years later:
more pics, making of and the real KISS on stage
There are more characters but I don't have pictures of it. Among them are the Frankenstein monster, the cockroach in an Edgar costume from MIB, and many others.
Ideas for future alter egos: a Reman (Startrek Nemesis), a Reptilian Xindi (Startrek Enterprise).